Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me and Something More about me!

By other side of my life I mean – when I m in offline mode. I am like anyone else. Its difficult to put myself in words. I'm a simple person from 'God’s Own Country’s Alleppey', who loves spending time listening to music, biking, going for a drive, a walk besides a lagoon (Vebanattu Kayal) near by my home, or being online. I wanted-to-be a poet-writer-creative artist-photographer-researcher and a stage actor (some of you might knows that when I was in Kanakoor school’s 5th std., I was like Sreenivasan or Balachandra Menon. But actually couldn’t do anything. I have written a small drama for the school function, its name was “Pratikaram” and myself directed and even acted in that (costumes were also designed by me – at this moment I pray for my dear friend “Bomma” – he is no more met with an accident long back and left all of us, he did wonderful acting!. He was a close friend to me and he was the police officer in that drama. His real name was Jiji. Later, I got many opportunity to act in many stage programmes in Kalalaya, MNCY School, Newtons etc. and when I was in 10th I got 1st in the Drama Competition.I seek challenges; I think I have a huge appetite for challenges. "Challenges are what I seek, Passion is what I put and Success is what I deliver." - that's the way I sum it up.
I love music – Indian Classical, and melodies, of course I can Njoy Rock in a party!!, & sure Old Hindi also, in fact I guess anything that sounds good. Not much of a movie freak, but what I love most is Serious. Favourite movies are Kireedam, Oruvadakkan Veera Gadha (Mammooty done really good) a few to name will be Krish, Tare Jamin Par, Lagaan & some of Mohanlal’s block busters. I have Njoyed “Anantharam” very well.
I read a lot. Mostly on Internet, and lot of books to. Few favorites – Mukundan’s Mayyazhi Puzhayude Theerangalil, OV’s most of books & Arudhati’s God of Small Things & Perumpadvam’s “Oru Sankeerathanam Pole”
Sports.... its a crime in India if one says he doesn't like Cricket., so pardon me cause I fall in same category. Not a die hard fan of Cricket...but do catch up sometimes when India plays and I cant forget the days in SN College and the Ground Behind Charakkattu factory!! where I tried hard to become a Sachin. One of the incidents I can never forget, once we were sitting there and start thinking for a smoke.. (there was actually no smoker in our team) what we did was took some dried cashew flower and rolled in a piece of paper and start smoking its pretending that its “Kanchavu” – unfortunately one of the college staff came that way and he actually thought that we were Njoying the “Kanchavu” – (you know na we were good in acting) so he took us to the Principal and they were not ready to listen and Principal told that he is going to dismiss us from the College – somehow with grt help of our “Chotta Netas” we managed to escape from that.!! (we never tried the smoke again!)

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